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Financial Planning

Financial planning with Meritage helps you set attainable financial goals, manage risks, and make decisions in context. We offer all clients financial planning and goal setting, which includes ongoing review and refinement with the Meritage team.

Financial Planning Areas of Focus

Financial position: By focusing on your financial position, you will have an understanding of your current net worth, income and expenses. This sets a foundation for looking at the trajectory of your wealth.

Retirement planning: It can be overwhelming to think about what retirement might cost. However, thinking about it now can ensure adequate retirement income and help you understand how to grow your assets and how to make them last.

Investment planning: Our most important investment planning exercise is helping you figure out how hard your money needs to work for you to meet your goals. This perspective is powerful for the development of a customized portfolio.

Tax management: Reviewing and analyzing your tax situation can help you manage future income tax liabilities and develop long-term tax-reduction strategies.

Managing risks: We help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances and protect your wealth by reviewing your current situation and formulating recommendations for any identified gaps or needs.

Estate Planning: We help you develop a custom plan for protecting your wealth and transferring to your loved ones and charities.

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* Implementation, which involves purchasing products and services, is separate and distinct from the financial planning services. Clients can, but are under no obligation to, implement the advice through us, our affiliates or an unaffiliated financial institution of client's choice. Implementation of the financial planning advices is achieved through a separate relationship with the client.

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