Our Approach

It’s our mission to help you build the confidence to commit to a plan that’s right for you.

Develop and Maintain Context

  • We believe all good decisions start with having had the proper context for making them. Too often, people make financial decisions by simply reviewing the features and benefits of a given product, which means they are allowing themselves to be sold something that may or may not fit their situation.
  • We take pride in a different approach which begins with customized financial planning. We help you develop the context to understand which strategies are best for your situation and goals.
  • To be valuable, context must be maintained. We accomplish this through periodic plan updates and tracking your performance against personalized, goals-based benchmarks.

Customized for your Success

  • We work to understand each of your unique goals and customize solutions to fit them. This is much more than numbers. Learning how you think about money and life is at the core of developing a plan that gives you confidence.
  • In our opinion, what is a perfect fit for one person could be the worst fit for another. To serve your best interests, we remain impartial toward specific products and strategies.

A Fiduciary Standard of Care

  • Acting as fiduciary asset managers, we help make decisions based on your best interests.
  • We are focused on providing the ongoing service and organization required to identify risks and leverage opportunities throughout your journey.
  • We help you determine when and how to take action, whether in response to a change in your situation or due to market conditions. We believe that your long-term success is the byproduct of making a series of good decisions along the way.
  • We monitor your portfolios on a continuous basis to help ensure you are being properly compensated for your level of risk.
  • Most importantly, we assume the stress of keeping you organized and managing all of the details so you can focus on your career, family, friends, and passions.

Learn more about our process and services to see how this approach permeates all we do here at Meritage.

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