Investment Management

We are an outcome-focused investment management firm that strongly believes in goals-based investing and the use of personalized benchmarks.

We take great pride in bringing institutional quality solutions to our clients at all levels of affluence. 

Focused and Customized

Your portfolio should be constructed to focus on your desired outcomes. Our belief is that customization leads to both increased investor confidence and better alignment with your goals. We customize your portfolio to:

Focus on the goals you want to achieve. We always customize the risk/reward dynamic of our clients’ portfolios, but we are also able to design portfolios focused on very specific income needs and / or around ongoing tax management goals.

Focus on which risks you are comfortable assuming. All investors are assuming risk to be rewarded. We see little value in only being rewarded if the S&P 500 goes up. So, we work with you to define which risks you are assuming so you are best prepared for different economic scenarios (i.e. rising interest rates).

Reflect your economic and social preferences. We can construct your portfolio to align with what matters to you. Our platform allows us to employ individualized security and industry restrictions and to also provide impact screening for all your individual stock holdings.

Use the best tools for the circumstances. Our portfolios blend exchange traded funds, institutional mutual funds, and separately managed accounts offered by managers rarely available to individual investors.

Supervised and Simplified

While you ultimately remain in charge of how your assets are allocated and managed, there are many aspects of the day-to-day management of your assets that happen behind the scenes. Our ongoing management is primarily focused on:

How your portfolio is performing. We evaluate whether your portfolio performance is favorable considering current capital market conditions.

Ensuring you are being well compensated for risk. Investing inherently involves levels of risk, but we want to ensure that your returns are properly correlated with the specific risks being assumed and that the costs associated with active security selection are justified.

Ongoing manager due diligence. We conduct due diligence based on both quantitative and qualitative screening of managers within their asset class disciplines.

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