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Phoebe Montalvo

Phoebe Montalvo

Team Operations Leader

 With her background in data and operations management, Phoebe’s main focus within Meritage is ongoing service and operations enhancement. She is supporting our team as we optimize our internal processes and workflows and integrate new tools to better serve our clients.


Before joining Meritage in 2020, Phoebe entered the financial services industry working for The Jamrog Group. Previously, Phoebe worked for WellSky as a data analyst in healthcare administration, and at Next Stage Arts Project as a development assistant. She graduated from Marlboro College with a degree in literary criticism and creative writing.


Outside of the office, Phoebe is a voracious reader who loves taking ballroom dancing classes and working on jigsaw puzzles. Originally from Putney, VT, Phoebe lives in Springfield, MA, with her husband Sal and their dog Zoey.  Together they enjoy hiking, cooking, and board game nights with family and friends. On long weekends, you can find them in Vermont and Cape Cod visiting family.


In the future, you can look forward to working with Phoebe to organize your financial dashboards. She will introduce you to the new technology at your disposal for organizing your financial world, and help you determine which tools best suit your needs. Phoebe can be reached at (860) 266-1575 or